Commuting ain’t really miles….

So, like I said, commuting ain’t really miles… But it’s riding. That much I can’t change, not that I really want to.

As for the shoes? They are fuggin stiff. As in, “if these were high tops I could throw on crampons and climb K2 with Edmund Hillary’s ghost and beat him to the top,” That Stiff. “Teenage virgin in a strip club”, stiff. Interstellar satellite space frame, stiff.
They fit like a damn glove too. The insole is damn near perfect. I added the extra arch pads and they slid under my foot like the hand of a gentle masseuse. Holding and supporting my tootsies. I haven’t heated them although they provide the ability for heat molding. I don’t have the vacuum bag they say is needed. But I don’t think I need it. These are like gloves.