Rant Day!!!! RANT DAYYYYY!!!!!

by cyclicalmotions

Ok, so you know I’m a mechanic. If you’ve been reading I’m also a frame builder, a designer, and slowly but surely, making my way to being a fully fledged architect.

Right now I’m the first two.
Might I say that the freshest breath of air in the past twenty years has been the amount of women who have come in to the shop to purchase bicycles, That they aren’t buying road bikes with the intention to ride with their husbands/boyfriends, (not that this was a bad thing) and that they are riding regularly, they aren’t bound by spandex and the latest yoga wear, that they aren’t out there at the request of women health magazine or Oprahs favorite doctor of the month.
Women have been buying, they are rolling out the door in clothing they are most comfortable in, riding around the neighborhoods, frequenting the farmers markets, loading baskets as if they were Freja unloading bounty upon the plains of Valhalla.
This makes me so happy.
Read me correctly, I am not saying women don’t belong in certain forms of cycling. Bring on all-comers! I want to invite women into all forms. I wish I could have seen Jeanne Longo hand Lance his hat to eat it on the plains of France.
I want an even playing field and I want to see little Danica Patricks destroying upcoming Helio Castroneves on bikes.
(Okay, I totally blended references and bungled ananlogies there. Danica Patrick races against men in cars. )

What I also want is for women to ride more, to ride as they wish to ride. Are they mothers? I want them to ride to the beach, children in tow, giggling and living it up along the way. I want to see coffee shops and Yoga studios, invaded by bikes, blissful smiling faces abound.
I want to see bike shops devoid of flannel and denim or stretched spandex, flowing with a deluge of sundresses and chinos and little ballet slipper slides.
(Yes I realize that anyone can say that any image I just described can be broken down to a sexist root. Not all women act the way I describe, not all dress the way I spoke of. Many groups of women ride. The groups I have described are not the ones who typically ride.)

I want to see Americans riding cause they want to, in every way they feel like it.
The more riders the better!
Ladies, saddle up! The road awaits!