Riding through the years…

by cyclicalmotions

Holy Crap 324km on a vintage bike!
It’s one thing to ride, it’s another to ride a ronde. The original racers a century back slogged it out on cobbles, fixed gears later free wheels, primitive gear changing systems that involved unlatching the wheels while riding, all while wearing wool and drinking a mixture of water and brandy to ward off illness. With all of that they also rode 324km!
324km….. 100km is 62 miles…. That’s roughly 201 miles in one shot. Think about that!
Now I wanna do ya one better.
Now this is amazing.

Peter Post (NED) 1964
45.129 km/h (28.042 mph)
265 km (165 mi)

Tom Boonen (BEL) 2012
43.476 km/h (27.015 mph) 257.5 km (160.0 mi)

Fabian Cancellara (SUI) 2013
44.190 km/h (27.458 mph)
2013 254.5 km (158.1 mi)

See that? Peter Post was faster than Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara. Rik Van Looy was just as fast. Even would be in contention now if he were alive and racing on the same machine. Now I am exaggerating here but seriously.

A dude on this bike was just as fast. And even faster in most cases than the guy that WON THE RACE on this bike.

Think about that shit.
Think about it more when you pick up your bike. Or when you lust after that stupid new Madone with the blingy carbon bits all over it. The only thing slowing me down is myself.