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Bike design from the horses mouth.

So, I have been communicating with those friends of mine who are designers of a cycling bent. Or rather just designers that cycle. Or commute. Or just ride.
Maybe they are cyclists first and then designers second. I dunno. That’s up to them.
Here’s the idea.
This whole blog is about what we ride and why we ride, it’s also about how we ride and why we ride that in that way.
If its getting more women on bikes that work for them.
If it is getting more people to commute.
If it is getting more riders to ride more.
It is about having the right bike.
Bikes are machines. You wouldn’t use an egg beater to make a smoothie, you wouldn’t use a microwave to make creme brûlée, ya damn well shouldn’t be using the wrong machine to ride where-ever you want to go.
Just as you wouldn’t drop of your kids at school in a cement mixer, Or take a lap around Road America in a double decker bus, bikes are made for purposes. When you have the right bike for the right purpose. Everything is easy.
So in a way, that’s my quest.
The right American bike, for the right American cyclist, with the regular American needs, in standard American use.
(I only say this cause I’m not Euro/Aisian/Arabic/islander/etc.)

The talk will begin shortly. Rotating and evolving discussions about bikes, riding, and life, with a designers perspective in mind. For those of you out there who wish to join in comment! Or hell! You’re on WordPress! You have a gravatar! Email me with your answers to these same questions. I’ll put ya in the blog.


The Things We Carry

20120714-070317.jpgBrooks Saddle Blog
That there is such a choice is what is so fuggin cool.
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Where should it begin?


Now my reason for all of this is two fold. One, I wish to keep myself motivated to start the frame shop. Two, I wish to include everybody in on the ideas of what a bike needs to be, or rather why it needs to be that way. Tell me where you ride, Tell me what you ride, tell me what you have purchased, tell me what you carry, tell me what you break, and tell me how the practice of cycle based transport can better serve your individual needs.