A little on the thought behind the machine we know as the bicycle.

Month: July, 2012

The Things We Carry

20120714-070317.jpgBrooks Saddle Blog
That there is such a choice is what is so fuggin cool.
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The Build Up: Frame Design, Where the Art Meets the Craft.

I’ve been researching the intricate details of frame design. The angles are one of those things that make or brake a bike in a way. For that it would be obvious that one would need to find the details specific to the angles, why, how, what for?


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I’m sitting in Milwaukee. I’m at the Museum of Art. Viewing the touring exhibit on Toulouse Latreque and his contemporaries.

Lessons from the master.



I love the concept of Keirin. Maybe it’s because I dreamed of being a sprinter. Maybe it’s my size. Maybe it’s the sensibility. Read the rest of this entry »

Where should it begin?


Now my reason for all of this is two fold. One, I wish to keep myself motivated to start the frame shop. Two, I wish to include everybody in on the ideas of what a bike needs to be, or rather why it needs to be that way. Tell me where you ride, Tell me what you ride, tell me what you have purchased, tell me what you carry, tell me what you break, and tell me how the practice of cycle based transport can better serve your individual needs.