A little on the thought behind the machine we know as the bicycle.

I know some of us out there don’t like the Shimano shoes. Those eye-talian brands have more pull around here. I mean that’s cool. Truth be told, I hate pretty much everything Shimano has done after 2005. That’s only cause I like the advent of the integrated bb. Other than that I think 1998 was […]


I’m sitting in Milwaukee. I’m at the Museum of Art. Viewing the touring exhibit on Toulouse Latreque and his contemporaries.


For years I have thought about the history of bicycles. Not only in just lineage, nor in it’s patronage, but of its part of a hierarchy of systems. The concept of wheeled transport revolutionized the world, as we all know, but it left us wanting.


I have been involved in the cycling world for the better part of twenty years. I have seen changes I didn’t actually think would come. Time has shown that there was no reason to welcome them all. As the field of knowledge becomes more broad and expansive the ability to learn in progress and retrospect […]