Itchin for some miles….

by cyclicalmotions



I know some of us out there don’t like the Shimano shoes. Those eye-talian brands have more pull around here. I mean that’s cool.
Truth be told, I hate pretty much everything Shimano has done after 2005. That’s only cause I like the advent of the integrated bb. Other than that I think 1998 was the last of the days of wine and roses.
But their pedals are super stout. Some clear mud better, some are lighter, but Shimano pedals are always consistent, durable, dependable, and repairable. I like Shimano pedals.
Their shoes? They fit. They got a wide, and it is actually a wide shoe. It has a normal heel cup, and a wide forefoot. Plus they are carbon soles good dependable ones at that. Stiff, light, and dependable.

Anyhow, I love em.
Now I gotta thrash em.