The Beginning

by cyclicalmotions


I have been involved in the cycling world for the better part of twenty years. I have seen changes I didn’t actually think would come. Time has shown that there was no reason to welcome them all. As the field of knowledge becomes more broad and expansive the ability to learn in progress and retrospect develops the mind further.

It was cycling that made me happy, it was the speed and the control. The wind in my hair that fueled my legs. It was the dear friendship that developed on rides that comforted me and exposed me to the world my actions and reactions tempered by the wisdom of the men that rode around me. To run the risk of making a horrible analogy as I cycled down the roads, time passed and my life became my destination.

It was cycling that made me the man I am. It was cycling that made me question. It was cycling that made me a mechanic. It was cycling that made me gather all I knew and apply it to what I needed to learn. It was cycling that made me better.

It was cycling that led me to design. The appreciation of strength in the assembly of perfect parts. The concepts of compression and tension. The almost gothic beauty of the simple lug. It fueled my inspiration. It was cycling and design that made me comfortable in architecture classes. When I saw Mies VanDerRohe, I pictured Campagnolo Super Record derailers . In my eyes Robert Venturi was Mike Burrows. Santiago Calatrava was linked to Kenneth Brompton and Gary Klein.

It was design that brought me back to cycling, it made me look back to my roots, to everything that made me who I am.
I could only ever braze steel.
Nothing in my heart would allow anything but.
It has made me forge a new palette of style and influence, a solid ethos of aesthetics. It has made me, forged me, guided my hand to this point.
This blog.
This venture.

I am counting the days down till the pieces fall into place properly and the brand will rise. It is here where it begins. This is the birth of cyclicalmotion.